Round 1 // The 48 Sheet // 2012

Brandalism began in July 2012 in the UK.  Across five cities, 36 large format billboards (known as '48 sheets' in industry terms) were replaced with artworks by over 28 international artists.  Dropping just before the protective brand-mania that charecterised the London Olympics that summer, the project gained international media attention and provoked a discussion about the legitimacy  of outdoor advertising spaces that we are forced to interact with.

Artist: Ghost Patrol, Manchester, 2012

Artist: Bill Posters, site-specific installation near the scene of the consumer looting in Birmingham in August 2011.

Artist: Shift // Delete, site-specific installation, Manchester, 2012

Artist: Hannah Adamaszek, Bristol, 2012

Artist: Kennard-Phillips, London, 2012

Artist: Leo Murray, London, 2012