Hello there. You may have received our 'Advertisers Anonymous - Five Steps to Switching Sides' pamphlet via courier this morning. Over 300 pamphlets have been delivered to employees at the top 25 ad agencies across England as we launch our Advertisers Anonymous programme.

The ad agencies visited include Saatchi & Saatchi, Adam & Eve DDB, AMV BDDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Mother and Wieden+Kennedy.  For this intervention, we have subverted the common industry practice of direct marketing by targeting individual copy writers, creative directors, account managers and brand strategists across London and the country.

The riso-print pamphlet features first-hand stories and practical advice by ex-industry workers from Saatchi, WPP, Fallon, and AMV BBDO on ‘How To Switch Sides’. Their stories highlight the recognisable moments of joy and despair that workers in some of the world’s most renowned ad agencies have experienced.

Many creative industry workers have been in touch with us since we launched our 'Switch Sides' initiative in March 2016.  We would like to invite you the world's first Advertisers Anonymous event on 24 November 2016 in London. Registration details are below.

Advertisers Anonymous - Public Event

Thursday 24 November 2016 - 7pm - London (venue tba)

Register for the event here.

We know moving away from the industry is hard;definitely on your own. This event is designed to help you on this journey; by bringing you in touch with past and present switchers. Come and join us.

In the words of Cynthia Peters (ex advertising worker, contributor to the event and member of Brandalism): "I found the advertising sector exists in a moral vacuum, closed off from external critique whilst simultaneously externalising the social and environmental costs that consumerism is responsible for. Some of the brightest creative minds are working on briefs right now for brands that are socially and environmentally destructive. Others who are interested in changing things from the inside feel blocked, incapable of making the changes they would love to see. Our creativity could mean so much more. We want to connect with others in the industry to see what we can create together."

Bill Posters from Brandalism said, “The first step on the road to recovery is to admit that we have a problem. Almost the entire world is now addicted to consumerism. The values and messages that are constantly repeated and normalised through all forms of advertising are exacerbating the issues of climate change, environmental destruction and social crises. The ad agencies are the dealers that use the incredible creative talents of their workers to feed this addiction to consumerism, regardless of the costs. So we are reaching out to them, to further develop a conversation we started earlier this year with disillusioned industry workers."