Hello there, welcome.

We’re glad to see our posters piqued your interest….

We installed those designs in Manchester and London to start a conversation with you. Congratulations on making into one of the country's top advertising agencies.  We were triggered by a particular concern: that your talent, energy and creativity is sinking into an ever-expanding black hole.

We speak with people who work in corporate advertising all the time. Many are close friends, and express regular  existential doubts about the work they do. Huge industries of artistic labour, and multi-million pound budgets - all in the pursuit of…..what? Another leather sofa? The latest airline deal to Rome?

Your creativity could mean so much more.

Right now, the world faces multiple social and environmental crisis. Our rent is unaffordable, wealth inequality is growing, thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean sea and the climate is destabilising at a faster and faster rate.  We cannot consume our way out of these problems.

We need your skills and your passion. Not to sell us more Snickers bars or BP's latest sponsorship deal.... but to change the world.  We need more art directors, copy writers, strategic planners, graphic designers, 3D artists, developers and project managers. We need all of you. We have a battle to fight. But, this not a battle against desire. We want more from life, not less.

This Friday 25 March 2016 is an international day against advertising - called by our friends in France.  It's a perfect day to consider what you do for a living and your role in the world.  You might think, “It's easy for your to say, but I need to earn a living.”   And you’re right, it’s easy for us to write these words. Conversion, as all advertisers know, is not a simple process. We have mortgages to pay, children to support, parents to satisfy and status to uphold. We know these pressures. Many of us have worked in the industry.  But we escaped the shackles of commercial marketing and fled to the worlds of community activism, environmental sustainability, refugee solidarity and artistic-political praxis.  Although just a first step, confronting our responsibilities has allowed us to prioritise our personal beliefs over our corporate, career-driven selves. The sense of relief was astonishing.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, then please get in touch with the email address at the bottom of this page.  We promise to protect your anonymity.  Where and how we take things from here, we’re not quite sure.  

But we’ll be waiting. 

23 March 2016

For a more detailed understanding of our critique towards advertising, have a look at our 'Why Brandalise' page here.   We also recommend looking at the First Things First manifesto - calling for a more humanist approach to design and technology.